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Connecting the heartbeat of your brand to the beating hearts of your customers, partners, and media analysts.

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helping your brand tell its best corporate story.

Successfully reaching your audience and increasing sales takes more than metrics, KPIs, and data downloads. Every number needs a story that brings it to life, and every story increases meaningful brand differentiation through valuable human interaction.

For over two decades, Steve has partnered with the world’s most powerful and influential brands to cut through the noise and make the message stick. He’s delivered more than 20,000 talks at 800+ events for over 2 million customers, partners, and industry analysts, representing global organizations like Cisco, Splunk, HP, Intel, Fujifilm, Siemens, Bayer, Sprint, DISH, Heidelberg, LG, Volvo, Panasonic, and many others. When Steve hits the stage, audiences internalize the value, feel the passion, and create the connection.

As a keynote speaker, executive presence trainer, and presentation coach across North America, Europe, and Asia, Steve is an enthusiastic evangelist for better corporate storytelling, guiding executives, thought leaders, and sales teams toward stronger spoken content and increased communication success.

“Steve is an expert at cutting through the ‘corporate speak’ to focus on our audience and what they care about most, creating lasting impact and positive outcomes for them and for our global brand.”
Mark Murphy
Global Partner Marketing
“Every engagement with Steve is entered into with a vision of success. When he works for my brand, he becomes my brand.”
Cathy Marshall
Global Events Engagement
“Whether it’s coming up with new ideas, refining our message, or making sure our brand is well-received, Steve makes us look good in front of our customers.”
Scott Gregory
Director of marketing

“This book is now part of the training required of my team.”

Ilissa Miller – Founder and CEO, IMILLER PR

“It’s so  Compelling, you will believe YOU can be the hero.”

Mark Stephenson – Marketing Product Manager, FUJIFILM

The corporate speaker’s best friend for adding value, passion, and connection to every talk you give.

Steve has coached more than 2500 speakers at every level of corporate structure to craft and deliver stronger, more value-driven presentations that reach the heart as well as the head. Accessible, practical, and instantly applicable, this book combines winning communication strategies with easily applied tips to rapidly level up your public speaking skills. Compelling, fun, and inspirational, you’ll build your confidence onstage or on-camera with every page, and position yourself as a more valuable representative for your company.

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