The Power Potential of Great Corporate Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling is about passion, not product.

Corporate Storytelling is about passion, not product. Telling your brand’s best Corporate Story means looking past the point of sale to who your brand truly is at its heart, and understanding why that heart beats meaningfully for your customer. The best Corporate Storytelling then uses that heartbeat to clearly and passionately communicate to your audience at the deepest, most connective emotional human level. That approach creates real meaning in a target market hungry for differentiation, desperate to be both understood and appreciated.

Unfortunately, most corporations don’t tell that story. They take the easy and obvious path, focusing on products and services over passion and connection. They compete rather than cooperate. Without that vital human element in the marketing process, effective Corporate Storytelling is lost. And humans are what it’s all about.

Corporate Storytelling is Human Storytelling

Every one of us is both buyer and seller, creator and customer. Our shared experiences are familiar, they intertwine and connect us. To tell a great story, we first have to dig down and reveal the humanity that makes that story recognizable and engaging. The more we understand each other, the more power a story holds. And the easier it is for us to do business together.

Despite the way most companies shout to explain their value, most customers aren’t paying attention. Why? All detail. Too much data. Braggadocio. Me Me Me. In other words, Bad Corporate Storytelling. As research and scientific measurement has confirmed time and time again , humans don’t find emotion in products, we find emotion in people. Show us the person behind the product, the emotion they feel about what they offer, and we’re sold.

Think of the last time you sat through a typical corporate presentation. The uncomfortable chair, generic conference room, one dull statistic after another. Think of the presenter on that stage, droning through yet another soulless data dump supported by an awful Powerpoint. The second they left the stage you forgot every dreary word about why their product was best. You couldn’t wait for them to finish begging you to buy their product.

We’ve all sat in that audience too many times. Or maybe we’ve been that poor presenter hiding beyond that generic podium. Seller or buyer, each of us craves better Corporate Storytelling.

The right Corporate Story creates Real Relationships

Simon (Sinek) says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” At its most fundamental, that simply means, “Don’t tell me about your product, tell me about your passion. Your vision. Why I care and want to share in it.”

This is how the most powerful and successful brands on the planet approach their marketing. They create deep, meaningful connections with us as consumers and end users. Brands like Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, Coca Cola, Amazon, Sony, Gucci, BMW, they don’t sell products, they sell lifestyles. Rather than pitch and sell they engage and inspire. They win because they focus on our dreams and what we truly care about most as fellow humans. They show us that that they understand us and share our same desires. That kind of Corporate Storytelling makes us want to join in the magical culture they create.

Why Don’t All Brands Tell This Kind of Story?

So why do 99% of companies insist on this failed approach? Two possibilities. Either they eschew the research and mistakenly believe they know better. Or, more likely, they just plain don’t know how to tell their best corporate story. Either way, most TV ads, magazine sheets, and keynote presentations rely on a strategy of product first, people second.

The remaining 1% are the superstar brands that cut through the tech speak to connect with their customers in a deeper, more human, meaningful ways. Instead of focusing on their products, they focus on the people who want and need them. Who are they? How do they think and feel? What makes them happy and successful? These 1% brands recognize who wants their product and, more importantly, why. And we’re drawn to the vision they offer us like moths to a beautiful flame.

Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. will get you there

So how can you and your organization become better Corporate Storytellers? Steve has spent more than a decade coaching C-Levels, executives, SEs, engineers, marketing teams, and sales professionals on how to build their very best corporate stories, assuring they reach their audiences with better impact and results.

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Steve is recognized by Fortune organizations for his ability to partner with conference and session speakers in fun, engaging coaching that creates success. In short, intensive sessions Steve brings any presenter to a stronger message, more personal delivery, and improved brand representation.

Great Corporate Storytelling includes great scripts, great graphics, great communication, great connection, and great passion. Only a great coach brings it all together while building confidence and enthusiasm for public speaking. Steve Multer. Corporate Storytelling. assures your presenters and teams excel, delivering pride and measurable success for your organization.

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